Need a Team
Lead a Kids Crusade or
Kids Camp?
Kids' Krusade (purposefully spelled that way) Offers a lot of advantages with few
Advantages: 1) The Children's Pastor or the Pastor of the church gives the devotions
                2) The workers will enjoy the event
                3) You don't need other teachers. Each worker is given one simple task.
Disadvantages: 1) No Craft time; 2)Usually at night; 3) All levels of kids in 1 room
Why not host a Kids Camp! It's during the day, and uses classrooms to teach kids!
Ideas to teach or lead
your children's church
into a prayer ministry
Here's a few ideas to help build a prayer ministry within your children's church, and/ or to get your adult
congregation thinking about your children:
1) Never underestimate your kids' ability to pray. Get excited about, and begin to set aside a prayer time in
your children's church. Have them pray for: their needs, teachers, missionaries, your church staff.
2) Bring a newspaper in and hand several sections to kids and have them find something to pray about.
3) By a globe ball, and pass it from kid to kid, playing music. When the music stops, have the child holding
the ball pick a country to pray for.

Here's an idea for your adults: Encourage your church to give the children in your ministry a Prayer
Valentine. Around the 15th of January, write each child's name and age on a red cut-out heart. On the back,
write Ephesians 4:14-15-the Scripture written out in words.
Punch a hole in the top of each heart and pull white yarn through the hole. Tie the yarn and hang these
hearts somewhere in your church foyer. Post a sign in the foyer with them and place an announcement in
your church bulletin (for several weeks), explaining that church members can take one or more hearts and
pray the Scripture for children until Valentine’s Day.
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2015 Kids Krusade!
2016 Kids Krusade!
2017 Kids Sports
Pastor Al  and
Miss Mary
have led Kids
Krusades (purposely
spelled that way)
for 15 years
Their Kids Events
include games,
puppet teams of kids,
gospel illusion
and MORE!
The Gaithers feel
called of God to
minister to kids and
offer to lead YOUR
kids Event for only a
love offering!
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